Seascape House


  • Large Kitchen
  • Dining Area
  • Bathrooms
  • Indoor Lounge Area
  • Two Outdoor Hot/Cold Showers (With Complimentary Toiletries)
  • Outdoor Barbecue with Tables


  • Free Private Parking
  • Bike Parking
  • Large Kitchen
  • Complimentary Tea And Coffee
  • Outdoor Barbecue
  • Dining Area
  • Outdoor Terrace With Cable TV
  • Laundry (Washer And Dryer)
  • Outdoor Hot/Cold Showers (With Complimentary Toiletries)
  • Complementary Phone For All U.S. Calls
  • Security Cameras

Because of the sprawling grounds and unique layout of Kalani Hawaii, we are able to offer many combinations of rooms for larger groups of travelers. If you are looking for an entire house, the Seascape House is a superb option. Let’s go through it’s many amenities.

Your unique home-away-from-home on the North Shore of O’ahu includes a twin-bed loft bedroom, and dormitories that can be set up in a variety of ways for any combination of travelers. There are several private outdoor spaces just for your enjoyment, and this House is ideal for groups of friends and/or families. Also, the loft has been the highlight of many peoples’ experience at Kalani Hawaii, probably because you can see some of that blue North Shore ocean… right from your bed! You will understand the loft’s beauty once you experience its bold colors, private balcony, and ocean views for yourself… can you tell that we love it?

Ultimately, the Seascape House is the type of retreat space people dream about (alongside the Red Ginger House, which offers a different combination of rooms). It is great for retreats of all kinds, but specifically, we’re dreaming of… surf camps, yoga retreats, summer camps/programs, and the like. Just envision all of the good times to be had by you and your crew, in this fun private setting. Will you even want to leave this stunning space? Probably not – but once you’re ready to venture out to Pipeline, Sunset Beach, Rocky Point, or any of the other outstanding surf breaks here on the North Shore of O’ahu, we do provide plenty of fresh, plush bath and beach towels once you return (or head out for the night)!


Along with it, you’ll have access to all the shared common areas.

Being the uniquely private lodging we are, we offer private rooms with shared common areas. Below is a gallery of these spaces which include surfboard storage, bike storage, washer and dryer, our outdoor covered lanai and barbecue area, a computer desk, large kitchen, the shared bathrooms and outdoor showers, as well as many quiet little places, perfect for your morning coffee as you plan out your day.